Thursday, 22 March 2012



 Would You Wear This?

Garance and I were looking at this photo the other day and both thought she still looked really cool, even though the shot is over four years old.

This shot is not about “style” but truly about modern fashion however we keep hearing how fast fashion and trends are evolving in the digital age.  Do you really believe that though?

I think this shot is proof that fashion is not moving any faster than before, it’s just the availability of new, cheaper product is faster and stores want us to want newness faster.  If anything, I think the digital space is allowing us to use the search function in a way to pull ideas that may be four, or five, or (someday) ten to twenty years old to help us create a look we want to wear that day.

Can you imagine the pain of searching through a stack of magazines ten years old trying to find inspiration and yet, in seconds, you can search seven years of visuals on my blog alone?

Maybe we will find the digital age is not speeding things up, but making it easier for us to hold onto the visuals and stories that inspire us even more easily than we ever thought possible.

The Satorialist.

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