Sunday, 9 October 2011

c'mon share your dollar with me

Gold jewellery can be worn to show how wealthy the wearer is, or as an easy way to keep one’s worldly possessions within reach at all times. Similarly, wearing money around one’s neck shows one’s wealth. Even though the banknotes are folded so one can never see the whole note, they are still clearly recognisable as money. When the wearer is in financial difficulty, gold jewellery can easily be sold, exchanged for money. Money jewellery can easily be dismantled into its component banknotes.  Both for gold jewellery and for money jewellery you pay more than the pure value of the materials when you buy the jewellery because the jewellery maker and gallery owner have to make a living from their work. The value of gold changes on a daily basis, it depends on supply and demand and the stock market. Likewise, money changes value when compared to other currencies and gold on a daily basis. When the designer makes jewellery from valid banknotes, it is like making gold jewellery:  everyone can see that the jewellery is worth money.
The price changes accordingly.

Tine De Ruysser

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